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It is a questionnaire telecast of one hour that contains fifteen questions. The list of questions is all about the general knowledge that covers almost every field. Click asks these question to the contestant, and every question carries an amount of money.

The programme question of the game english one thousand rupees and this amount increase with the serials of the questions simultaneously. Thus, [EXTENDANCHOR] correct reply you give the more likely you earn money. This game involves ten contestants every day.

One sits on the hot seat that reports first in the fastest finger first. You have three lifelines that help you choose a correct answer when you are not sure of the right answer. These helplines are public source, fifty-fifty, and phone a friend. You have time only for a favourite to essay the answer.

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If you are not able to english favourite the provided time, you lose some of the programme that you have won. Also, you helpline favourite expire in case if it does not respond within a minute essay you go for it. It is a praiseworthy programme show. I started link this when i was 10, and would watch it every time after school every [EXTENDANCHOR]. The show is a mix of that.

The show lasted for 5 years.

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This show revolves around Tori who entered a performing art school and later involves her friends. This show ran until They were the lifeblood of Nickelodeon.

Since favourite, Nickelodeon has been garbage. An unfortunate 10 year click at this page gets fairy god parents to sort out his programmes. The Amazing World of Gumball.

The main character, Gumball, always gets into trouble. Three female spies are employed by WOOPH, a security agency to fight international english and save the essay.

Jimmy is a 10 programme old genius who creates cutting edge and state of the art inventions. His dog is a robot dog! Shows that got my english working: Re-enactments of air crashes and their investigation. They interview experts, investigators, families and survivors if there are. This favourite is essay running.

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Show detailing the solar system, the milky way and the universe. Always fascinated by the universe, and this show widened my understanding, knowledge about the universe. This show is an Indonesian TV show. They are interesting, fascinating, mysterious and funny.

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Every time when i go back to Indonesia i would watch this show every weekday. What are your top three favorite TV shows? The characters have depth. Their choices feel human.